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Water balancing

The water in your pool is constantly changing. Everything associated to your pool could be changing it’s chemical balance: from the sun, wind or rain, to the dirt, suntan lotion, oil and cosmetics that may enter the water when people are using it.

Water balancing makes sure that despite these changes, the different chemicals in the pool water still have the same relationship with each other. A pool that is “balanced” has regulated levels of pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. Another way to define Water Balancing, is that the water is neither corrosive or scaling. If the water is defined as corrosive, this means that the water is less than saturated, which means that it does not have enough minerals in the water, and the water will dissolve all minerals. If the water is over-saturated, then it is the other problem, the water is scaling; which means that it cannot dissolve any more minerals. Both the under-saturation and over-saturation of your pool can cause problems. Water Balancing ensures that this does not become a problem. You can buy pool “Water Test” kits, these will allow you to see if your pool is balanced or not. This tests the levels of pH, Alkaline and Calcium.

If you are not sure that you would like to regulate your water balance yourself, you can always ask a professional to do the water balancing for your pool. This is a relatively simple process which they should be able to arrange for you.

The best advice when looking for a pool specialist to help with your water balancing needs, is to get several quotes for the work. Then you can compare the services and prices of several companies, so you can choose the best company for you.

Finding the Balance

Water that is under-saturated (corrosive) will attempt to saturate itself by dissolving anything in it that will build up its content. Water that is over-saturated (scaling) will attempt to throw some of it’s content by precipitating minerals out of the solution by forming a scale. Water Balancing makes sure that you pool has water that is neither under-saturated or over-saturated.

Problems That Can Occur with Unbalanced Pools

Pools that have have unbalanced water can face the following problems: Algae, Foaming, Cloudy Water, Dull Water, Eye Irritation, Discoloured Water, Water Stains, Scaling.