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Vinyl liner pool installation

"Vinyl Liner" refers to the interior finish of the pool, as PVC Thermoplastic vinyl may be used as the waterproofing membrane in a number of pool types. Generally, however, this pool type is considered to be a pre-fabricated in-ground steel-walled kitset style pool fitted with a vinyl liner that can be installed in a week or so and will provide a durable, long lasting product that should last for several decades. Designs range from simple pre-fab galvanised steel walls to concrete "sacrificial" shutters that remain in place once the concrete has set. Vinyl liner pools are popular with many pool buyers due to lower initial cost and the many patterns and colors available, and with users in the fact that the liners do not support algae growth and have a child friendly embossed non-slip finish. Replacement liners can be installed in one to two days, and providing the basic pool shell is of substantial construction, can be changed several times over the expected life of the pool, which could be as much as fifty years or more in the case of a concrete base shell.