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As your pool begins to age, you will see that some repairs will need to be done.

Small cracks, chipping, leaks and hollow spots (sometimes called “pop-ups”) are common signs that your pool is in need of some repair to keep it functioning at it’s best.

You can call in a pool specialist to help you with these repairs, or get a leak detection specialist to help you with leaks. The specialist will then check your swimming pool, and will inform you of the best method to repair it. In some cases, the swimming pool may need to be drained, however this depends on what the specialist finds when they check your pool. Sometimes repairs can be made underwater - which means that it is not necessary to drain your pool. Once the specialist has detected the damaged areas, they can make an estimate of what will need to be done, how much it will cost to repair your pool.

Please be sure to mention to the specialist what your pool is made out of;

This will help him to make a good estimate of how much it will cost to repair. Also mention the dimensions of your pool if you can. Perhaps the specialist needs to come and see the pool itself to estimate how much it would costs properly; in which case you should arrange a time that is convenient for you.