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Swimming pool equipment

Other Pool Maintenance Equipment:

Chemical Feeders:

Chlorinators and chemical feeders make sanitizing your pool easy. Chemical feeders have easy settings, so you simply have to add the chlorine to the feeder, and choose your setting. This can save you time, as you can then go a couple of weeks without having to add any chlorine. The type of chlorinator or chemical feeder you require depends on your pool type. If you are looking for the new salt water chlorinator, this is best discussed with a professional. Talking to a pool specialist can help you to find the correct feeder for you. To get quotes for different feeders, please fill in the form below.

Swimming Pool Controllers:

There are many ways to control your pool. You can have controllers that are as simple as timers; and other controllers that have a fully computerized automated system which can be controlled remotely by your mobile phone, or a remote panel within the home. These new controllers allow you to program it to change the heating, turn on pool lights and other garden lights and turn on spa. This means that you can program it to be ready for when you return home! The controller can also program your cleaner and other functions, so that once you have programmed the controller, it will function automatically.