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Two major concerns in maintaining your swimming pool include cleaning and safety

Most of us have periods when we are not using our swimming pool as much, for instance during the winter months. At this time, you should watch for the following problems that may occur:

The Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers:

To counter these problems, most people opt to buy a swimming pool cover or pool net. A swimming pool cover can be helpful in several ways, including:

Pool Safety Nets – Extra safety for your pool:

Many parents opt for a pool safety net to ensure protection and safety for their children, by controlling the access to their swimming pool. The net is custom fitted to your pool, and is easy to use. Pool safety nets are strong, and can support the weight of a child or animal if it accidentally falls into the pool area.

Pool Safety nets specialize in providing a safe membrane to cover your pool, to ensure that no accidents can happen when your swimming pool is out of use. Easy to operate, they can be used in conjunction with swimming pool covers to make sure that your covered pool is safe for children and animals. The pool safety net can simply be placed over the swimming pool cover, to create an extra strong partition that can support animals and children if they fall onto the net.

Whereas these nets cannot help with keeping your pool clean in the way that a pool cover can, pool safety nets can discourage birds from using your pool, which does result in cleaner water, and helps to prevent the diseases that can occur from bird’s droppings in the water.

However, for the best results, it is advisable to have both a swimming pool cover and a pool safety net fitted.

There are many kinds of nets and covers: