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Pool equipment

A pool is a lovely thing to have in the good weather, and can give you hours of joy. However, even so, the pool must be kept clean, and most pool owners keep certain pieces of pool equipment to ensure that their pool stays clean.

Tele Poles:

Telescoping poles, or Tele poles, are the first thing that most pool owners buy. Tele poles can come in a variety of length and quality. Check the size of your pool and how long you would require your tele pole to go. Most extend and then twist lock into place. Most tele poles have two holes at either end, which can accommodate a variety of accessories.

Skimmer Nets:

The most popular pieces of equipment that are used as accessories of the tele pole are the skim net or leaf rake. The skim net is a flat mesh that allows you to skim the surface of the pool to pick up debris and leaves that are floating. This should be used regularly to prevent items on the surface falling to the bottom of the pool.

Pool Brushes:

Pool brushes can be used to help prevent algae and other dirt from developing on the walls of your pool. The brush is a more sure way of eliminating these films of dirt than vacuuming alone. To be sure that you pool is clean, your pool should be brushed at least once a week. There are several types of pool brush, depending on your pool type, however you should discuss which you should buy with a specialist. To contact several local specialists, fill in the form below.

Vacuum Heads:

You can vacuum your pool for an easy clean up. The vacuum head attached to a tele pole, and then a vacuum hose is attached to the vacuum head. Pools should be vacuumed regularly. However, if you have an automated pool cleaner, then vacuuming may not be as necessary. Again, this is best discussed along with any other equipment you are looking for with the specialist you are buying form. To see alist of local specialists, fill in your postcode in the form below.

Vacuum Hose:

This vacuum hose is attached to the vacuum head and telescoping pole. The other end should then be attached to a vacuum line (this should be somewhere around your pool). The water and debris inside the vacuum head are then pulled into the filter pump basket the vacuum hose. After vacuuming your pool, please remember to clean your pump filter basket.

Leaf Trap:

A leaf trap is a canister that is placed at the end of the vacuum hose, to trap the larger pieces of debris (like leaves, palm tree debris, nuts etc) that could clog the filter basket or pump.

Leaf Bagger:

Also called a Leaf Master, this device allows you to clean a whole pool floor full of leaves. The Leaf Bagger is a jet vacuum that uses the pressure from your garden hose to create a venture effect. The extra pressure in the pool pushes all the debris into the leaf bag. Ask a specialist if this would be suitable in your pool. Fill in your postcode below to see lists of local pool specialists.

Stain Master:

Also called the Acid Wand, this device allows you to tackle small localized stains around your pool. This can include rust stains, leaf stains, berry stains and dirt stains. Read the instructions on the box, follow the safety guidelines and consult with a specialist if you have any questions.

Pumice Stone:

The Pumice Stone is another way to remove stains if you have a concrete pool. This light lava stone has many household uses, however it is also effective on localized areas of your pool. By simply rubbing over the area, the Pumice Stone is usually effective against cement stains, paint and berry stains.

Tile Brush:

A Tile Brush can keep your tiling in your pool remain fresh and clean. By regularly brushing between the tiles with a tile brush, you can keep away dirt and algae. Tile brushes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so best to choose one that is most suitable to your pool.