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Hiring a plasterer

Plasterers are tradesmen who specialise in the application of plaster. Plastering is difficult for an unexperienced person to apply to a satisfactory level, so many people hire professional plasterers to do their plastering for them.

Some of the more common reasons for hiring a plasterer:

  1. Patching repair: holes and cracks in walls or ceiling are filled or plugged, and then re-plastered for an invisable fix
  2. Plastering: forming a layer of plaster on an interior wall or ceiling. Plasterers apply plaster onto wall surafce to create a smooth finish ready to decorate
  3. Plasterboarding: constructing interior walls and celings using plasterboard or drywall panels from Gysum and fibreglass. Applying plasterboards to walls to create a straight and smooth finish
  4. Cornices and plaster moulds: decorative mouldings made from plaster to enhance the decoration and beauty of your home
  5. Artexing and coving: Artexing is a decorative effect that is applied to the wall's plaster when it is still wet, giving the wall a pattern. Coving is the plaster join between wall and ceiling, or wall and floor. These can also be decorative

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Plasterers will use different tools depending on the individual requirements, however usual plastering tools include joint or taping knives and finishing trowels. However if working with plasterboard, the plasterer may have to cut the plaster panels to size, and screw into the wall to fit.

Once the work is finished, the plaster must be allowed time to set. Your professional plasterer should indicate how much time this will take. Be sure to follow your plasterer's advice to ensure the best finish. Once the plaster is set, you are ready for the next step: Painting and Decorating!

If you are considering hiring a professional plasterer, you should compare the prices and services of several plasterers in your area before choosing who to hire. Plasterer's prices can differ depending on the company. By comparing quotes, you can easily see which company best suits your needs.

When requesting a quote for plastering, you should consider the following:

  1. What is the price?
  2. What services are included for that?
  3. Do they do all the services I require?
  4. Will I end up with the result I want?
  5. How much experience do they have?
  6. Do they have a portfolio of previous customers?

By comparing plasterers you should get an overview of the professionals available, and make the best choice.