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A professional glazier help to fix or remove glass for residential and commercial residences. Professional glaziers measure the area to be glazed, then selects the glass, cuts it to size and installs it for a clean and professional finish. Usually required for either installing or replacing windows, they can also be hired for any work that requires glass. Other reasons for hiring a glazier include installing or replacing shower glass shower enclosures, glass or mirror walls, internal glazed partitions, installing safety windows, or double glazing.

Double Glazing

Instead of a single pane of glass, can opt for double glazing for your windows. Although this is a more expensive option, there are a number of benefits to installing double glazing, including:

  1. Insulates your home better. Double glazing allows you to either cool or heat the rooms in your home more effectively, as less heat energy escapes through double glazing than a regular single pane of glass.
  2. Reduces outside noise. The double pane dramatically reduces the levels of noise from outside. Therefore, if you live on a busy road, and are looking for sanctuary from the noise when you close your door, double glazing gives impressive results.
  3. Saves energy. Insulating the rooms better, means that you will not have to pay as much to heat or cool your room.

Greener option.

As double glazing helps with insulation and reduces the amount of energy that is necessary to regulate the temperature of your room, it is more environmentally friendly.