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Fibreglass Pool Installation

Concrete pool shells may be "fibre glassed" on site, and purpose-built structures can have the on-site fibreglass finish installed, but the common understanding of a "fibreglass pool" is a one-piece moulded shell which is coloured blue and incorporates internal steps and seats. These shells will have typical pool filtration and lighting, and may be installed in one to two days after the excavation has been completed. Typically these pools have a roll-over top, but standard pool coping or a pool deck may be added. As mentioned in the concrete section, these pool also can be susceptible to floatation, and must not be emptied without reference to the supplier - even though a hydro valve has been incorporated. Fibreglass pools are PVC Thermoset in composition (ie the chemical reaction involved in "curing" alters the structural elements of the PVC).