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Create a sun spot to dine and lounge outdoors

Decking is elevated wooden flooring, commonly constructed outdoors. This feature is often used as part of garden landscaping, creating a clean comfortable surface in the garden. Many people use decks as sun spots, ideal places to situate their garden tables and chairs for outside dining, or loungers to create a place where they can rest and enjoy their garden.

Patio Alternative:

Usually an alternative to patios, this wooden platform can be easily maintained and works well with surrounding plants to create a nice modern look in a garden.

The term “Decking” originally comes from the nautical name “Deck”, that was given to the floor of a ships hull. As ships originally used the flat wooden surfaces to create their decks, this name transferred to the term for creating similar wooden surfaces on land.

People usually require professional help when constructing or repairing decking in their garden.

Professional Decking Repairing and Construction Services

When searching for a professional to construct the decking in your garden, it is best to compare prices from several companies to see which is the company you are looking for. There can be a big difference between companies, both the costs and the services they provide, so comparing quotes can be an effective way to select the company you will hire. When requesting quotes, try to give as much information as possible about the type of deck you are looking for; this will help the accuracy of the quote.

Common questions that help you when considering a company include:

Decking Materials:

Although primarily using treated wood, many companies are now providing alternatives. “Composite Decking” is a type of decking material created from a mix of wood pulp and resins to provide more durable surfaces that are resistant to termites, rot, splintering and cracking. Other materials that can be used for decking include timber, Merbau wood, aluminium and PET plastic. There are varying pros and cons with the different materials, so when you are searching for (pool) decking, be sure to look at the different materials available, considering the costs, the durability of the materials and the overall effect you are looking for. Professional decking experts should be able to give you information regarding the costs and endurance of the different materials, giving you the information you need to make your decision.

Decking Extras:

Decks can have a number of extra features that you add if you wish: