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Green Gardenz

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State:New South Wales

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Green Gardenz

Imagine yourself driving back home and you are completely relaxed. It´s a great day and the weekend looks promising too. The best part is you have got family and friends coming over to spend some quality time under the sun in your beautiful backyard.

The grass is lush and green and the bushes are in full bloom. You know that even before you get home because you know your personal local landscape gardener was scheduled to come and he has done a great job over the last few weeks making sure everything looks perfect all the time.

Does this sound familiar? Or are you still trying to get hold off your gardener while driving because you are worried he might not have come? Like last time? Are you still stressed about what you friends and family are going to say if your garden is untidy? Are you still afraid that only half the garden maybe ready?

You see when it comes to looking after your garden, the most important things are consistency and reliability. And with some many overnighter in the industry, it is hard to find someone you can trust week in, week out, all year round.

Lucky for you, the frustration ends right here and right now. You can say no to the cash hungry operators coming from the other side of town with no sense of responsibility.

You see, over the years, we have developed very strong relationships with our clients because we have chosen to work exclusively in the Pittwater area where we are based. That way, we can fully focus on your personal needs, we are never far away, and we can often as required. Living locally, we know that your outdoor lifestyle is really important. And that means not only a great backyard but also being able to relax in it, knowing everything is taken care of.

So if your garden is important to you, contact us right now. All our customers receive a $50 cash back on their first bill.